Name: Michalis Rinakakis
Birthday: 29.03
Bands: The Silent Rage, Metal Raider, Dragonrider
Best TSR Song(s):  My Race Won’t Last (for now..!)
Favourite Movie: Sooo many!!
Favourite Colour: Green, Purple
Favourite City: Heraklion (Greece)
Favourite Dish: Giouvarlakia, Fasolada and Feta, Rolo Kima, Kotosoupa, Lasagna, Pizza, Tacos, Mix Grill, Pastitsio, Biftekopita (Now I’m hungry…)
Favourite Drink(s): Breezers
Special Interest: Travelling, Acoustical Engineering
What I don’t like: Raw food, Mushrooms (We were still discussing food, right?)
Favourite Musicians/Bands: Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Gamma Ray, Savatage, Dio, Crimson Glory, Virgin Steele, Dream Evil, Masterplan, Ark, Brainstorm, Megadeth, Annihilator, Symphony X, Impellitteri, Running Wild and many, many more!