Name: Nikos Siglidis
Birthday: 28.07
Bands: The Silent Rage since day 1
Best TSR Song(s): StormWarrior, My Race Won’t Last, Another Fallen Dreamland, Crows Fly Back
Favourite Movie: Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite City: Alexandroupolis (GRE)
Favourite Dish: Pastitsio, Lachano me Kreas
Favourite Drink(s): Cuba Libre, Olmeca Dark Chocolate, Zombie
Special Interest: Football, Travelling
What I don’t like: Injustice, Prejudice, Violence
Favourite Musicians/Bands: Adrian Smith, Yossi Sassi, Bob Katsionis, Pain Of Salvation, Evergrey, Lost Horizon, Rage, Grave Digger, Shadow Gallery, Primal Fear, Destruction, Iced Earth, W.A.S.P., Kreator, Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Dark Tranquillity