Announces Second Single; Opening Act Confirmed


After the great success that our single/video clip “The Serpent Lord” had (you can check it out here), we are more delighted to share with you all our newest audio single for “Exhaling Fear”. You can listen to it here.

Cover Art By Giannis Nakos/Remedy Art Design

“This is one of the two songs that I haven’t participated in at all, nor by composing a part in the music or even writing any of the lyrics. It’s a total effort by Michalis Rinakakis and Nikos Sarbanis. But all I can say is, it’s a pure metal anthem and that’s why we picked it as a second single for this album. I must admit that it reveals the songwriting skills of Nikos, which brings to the music of The Silent Rage, a new aspect for the future albums. He’s more into the American metal scene and it makes sense I must say. To me the song both in music as well as in the vocal lines reminds me of the best moments of Nevermore and Sanctuary, especially with the first ones that I really miss being around delivering brilliant albums. I am pretty sure that it will be one of the songs that will definitely be picked up by many fans and listeners as their favorite moment in the album. At least it’s one of mine!” says Nikos Siglidis.

“I am not into writing lyrics at all, but I try to imagine some song titles in order to help the person who will write the lyrics. After I made this title, Michalis made some awesome lyrics. Because of the instability and insecurity in the society we live, you can see this way of “Exhaling Fear” in the faces of people. There is a way of concern and fear for the next day, and somehow I tried to express it in a song title and in melodies as well. This way of expression happened effortlessly as I had the concept in my mind. Furthermore, the most important part is that the result of this song, along with Michalis Rinakakis’ lyrics, suited perfectly with the artistic style of the band”, Nikos Sarbanis comments.

“As soon as I heard Nikos Sarbanis’ music and saw the title, I knew what the lyrics had to be about! Even though we never really discussed the meaning of the title with Nikos Sarbanis, we ended up thinking about the same thing. The uncertainties, the insecurities, the instabilities that can drive people mad, angry, their personal terrors burning inside, leading them to doing or saying things they’ll probably regret, while all they are actually doing is simply “Exhaling Fear””, Michalis Rinakakis comments.

Along with the announcement for the new single, we are more than excited to announce that we are going to be the opening act band for the upcoming Kamelot show in Athens, Greece on Sunday 7th of May, 2023. See you all at Fuzz Club. You can also check the official event here for further details.

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