Now that the year fades, we’re more than happy to announce the final visual chapter for “Nuances of Life” album. This comes with the track “Crows Fly Back”, which was shot at the Hologram studios in Athens, Greece, with director Christos Doulgerakis (Badd Kharma, W.E.B.) & cinematographer Dimitris Marinis, produced by The Storyteller Studio. The makeup was made by Marigianna Noe.

Cover Art By Giannis Nakos/Remedy Art Design

“That’s another one of my favourite tracks on the album. “Crows Fly Back” inspired its title from the “Game of Thrones” series. This track contains different elements as an influence. For example, the main riffing comes from one of my favourite bands out there, Symphony X, while the chorus guitar melodies are also a small tribute to favourite melodic death metal band, Dark Tranquillity”, comments Nikos Siglidis.

“I really came up with the idea of George Haniotakis’ bass line starting the track, which eventually makes it the first ever The Silent Rage song starting like that. He really delivered a hell of a bass line in this track! Also, a great asset in this song is, without a doubt, the bombastic second solo performed by Nikos Sarbanis. He shows that this young guy has, certainly, A LOT of potential! Of course, the vocal melodies help a lot to make a clearer view and move the listener to sing along. This time too, the lyrics are written by Michalis Rinakakis exclusively”, Nikos Siglidis adds.

“The lyrics deal with the internal struggle people can have when presented with choices outside their comfort zone, choices between good and bad, hesitations about a path they are on, feelings of helplessness the more they think things over… and over again. Embracing the idea that they themselves are in charge of moving forward and summoning the strength to do so, may help them face their fears in order to overcome them”, Michalis Rinakakis adds.

You can enjoy the clip below.

2023 ends in the perfect way for us. It was a really important year for us due to our release of our second album, “Nuances of Life”. Fans and press all over the world seemed to really like the album and that’s what makes the whole effort even worth. Thank you all for the love that you showed to us.

That wouldn’t be the same without the help and support of Filippo Bersani & Angelo Mora of Scarlet Records, our record label. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work and effort you put on our album.

Furthermore, we had the honor to be selected as an opening act for Kamelot on their Athens comeback show. At this point we would like to thank Dimitris Papanastasiou & Music Box Productions for their trust.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the following people and companies that support us: Max Pyra & Pyramid Strings, Panos Fortounas & Minotaur Straps, Potis Pavlakis & Pavlakis Custom Guitars, Flo Moritz & Pick-Me Custom Guitar Picks, Michalis Fragiadakis & Needleworks Rock Merchandise, Alice Pandini & Tribe Guitars, Gwendy Pavicich & Skull Strings, Tatiana Zaungallont & Loxx Strap Locks and Michael Brink & B-Stick Drum Sticks.

We wish you all a Happy New Year & see you all in our upcoming shows:

20.03.2024 – Kyttaro Live, Athens, GR – Supporting Angra & Elegy
20.04.2024 – ((szene)), Wien, AT – Dragon’s Cry VIII Festival

All the best,
The Silent Rage


We’re more than happy to announce our upcoming show on March 20th, 2024 at Kyttaro Live Club in Athens, Greece alongside with Brazilian power metal legends Angra & Dutch prog/power metal pioneers Elegy! See you all there! You can check the event poster below.

Tickets are available here!


Our guitarist Nikos Sarbanis received on the previous week his university degree on Mechanical Engineering!!!
Let’s wish him the best!!!

We would like to thank everyone who pressed the play button and listened to our music through the most popular platform out there, Spotify. Thank you for your time Legionnaires. Means a lot to us.


Kacper from Khael Ros Jawir or Just KRJ, made a reaction video in Polish about “Nuances Of Life”. We would like to thank him for that. You can check it out below

You can also check the previous reaction videos about the singles of “Nuances Of Life” below.

“The Serpent Lord”

“Another Fallen Dreamland”

“Exhaling Fear”


European Metal Channel, one of the biggest vlogs in YouTube, featured The Silent Rage “Nuances Of Life” in their newest episode with Best European Metal Bands #342. You can check it out below (in Spanish!).


We’re more than happy to announce that the release show for “Nuances Of Life” can now be announced. It will take place at the historic An Club in Athens, Greece on the 26th of November alongside with Dreamlord, Heavenblack & Subfire. More info can be found here.

We are happy to announce that we’re going to participate at Dragon’s Cry Festival that will take place in Wien, Austria!
We’re going to join co-headliners Dragony & Roadwolf alongside with Alia Tempora from Czechia and local heroes Mythguard and Extreme Mind for an evening of excellent metal on 20th April 2024!
All infos:
Facebook event here
Tickets on sale now here


Today is a very special day for us. It marks five years since that Black Monday of 2018, where 103 people lost their lives during the summer wildfires in Mati, Attica, Greece. Therefore, we decided to pay our tribute to those people and we dedicated this song in loving memory of them. This is our fourth single and third video taken from the new album “Nuances of Life” released in May through Scarlet Records. You can watch it below.

You can also watch the cover art of the single, made by Nikos Siglidis, below.

You order it through our official store.

“It is by far the most personal track I ever wrote as a lyricist. Five years ago, on July 23rd of 2018 during the summer wildfires in Mati, Attica, Greece 103 people lost their lives and this track is dedicated in loving memory of them. This was one of the biggest disasters that I ever experienced in my life so far and it really affected me as a person and as a human being. You never know what’s going to happen the very next moment, so to me you have to live it like it’s going to be the very last one. I am really thankful that in this track Nikos Sarbanis and Michalis Rinakakis delivered such beautiful melodies that helped embrace my vision about it. It is a way that we mourn together with those families and pay the ultimate tribute to the lost ones. It’s also the track that Bob Katsionis (Stray Gods, ex-Firewind) is taking part in by performing his characteristic performance on keyboards, for which I can’t be thankful enough, since it has given a special tone in the whole track. Of course, one major element is the singing of Michalis in this track, who really got himself into the whole atmosphere and gave a proper feeling of the mourn the song describes. Another fact is that when time came to record my solo part, I was really touched by the passing of a person that had died a few weeks earlier and had a huge impact in my life. Performing my solo part in this song was meant to be another small tribute to a guitar player and a band that I really miss. This man was Miika Tenkula (RIP 1974-2009) and his band was Sentenced”, Nikos Siglidis comments.

“This song was one of the most emotional songs that I had to compose the music for. Nikos Siglidis was very concerned about this tragic fire accident and he decided to make a dedicated song. Later, he told me to write some music for these lyrics, and immediately took the guitar and started composing. By the way, this was a very emotional moment for me as well, as I was about to lose my hometown’s house because of a devastating fire accident in 2015. Even Though I was very furious about these accidents (which were human-made accidents in order to make profit from new buildings, wind turbines etc), I had to write tones for a ballad. About the solo, I wrote a Pink Floyd style crunchy – mellow solo. It is a huge inspiration for me and I wanted not to try to make something impressive, in terms of technique, but something more melodic and atmospheric”, adds Nikos Sarbanis.

At this very moment we would like to take a minute and thank Nikos Palaiologos of SOOC Photo Agency for the letting us use images from that day in our tribute, lyric video. We can’t thank you enough! Also, Stefano Mastronicola for working together with us a second time and doing a tremendous job with the video. Kudos to you, our friend!

Those wildfires devasted Greece and every year since then, wildfires happens again every year. We are living in a never-ending circle that cannot break. Even now, the state of Attica where 4 out of 5 members of the band live, is burning again. Thousands of acres of forests and wildlife turning to ashes, giving no sign of hope for the future. Our only hope is that there will be no more loss of human life to be mourned, no more wildlife to be lost, no more burning soil.

With honor,
The Silent Rage

Today marks one month since the release of “Nuances Of Life”. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing our merch and all the media that reviewed our album. Below you can find all the ratings the album has received (in alphabetical order).

All Around Metal 🇮🇹 3,5/5
Ave Noctum 🇬🇧 8/10
Belugas Metaleras 🇪🇸 9/10
Bleeding4metal.de 🇩🇪 8,5/10
Depart 🇬🇷 8,5/10
Hellfire Magazin 🇩🇪 9,5/10
Metal Division 🇩🇪 8/10
Metal Express Radio 🇳🇴 9/10
Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal 🇬🇷 8/10
Metal Melodic Sound 🇵🇱 8/10
Metal Underground 🇦🇹 4,5/5
Metal View 🇬🇷 8,5/10
Metal.de 🇩🇪 6/10
Metal.it 🇮🇹 6/10
Metalhead.it 🇮🇹 8/10

Metalitalia.com 🇮🇹 5,5/10
Metalmania-Magazín 🇸🇰 5/6
Metalradio 🇬🇷 8,5/10
Musica 🇧🇪 80/100
Musipedia Of Metal 🇬🇧 9/10
Obliveon 🇩🇪 8/10
Powermetal.de 🇩🇪 8,5/10
Powerplay Magazine 🇬🇧 10/10
Rock Entre Amigos 🇪🇸 9,5/10
Rock Garage 🇩🇪 8/10
Rock Hard 🇬🇷 8/10
Rock Overdose 🇬🇷 72/100
The Dark Melody 🇺🇾 8,1/10
?ware?etalen.com 🇳🇱 80/100

Also, extra cudos to the following media for their reviews without rating (in alphabetical order):

Brutally Delicious Podcast 🇺🇸 / De Muziekplank 🇧🇪 / Iridium heavy rock and metal music reviews 🇬🇧 / Keysmash 🇬🇷 / Last Rites 🇺🇸 / Metal Addicts 🇧🇦 / Metal Invader 🇬🇷 / Metallus.it 🇮🇹 / Noizy 🇬🇷 / Rockpages.gr 🇬🇷 / Rockway.gr 🇬🇷 / Soundcheck Network 🇬🇷 / Wonderbox Metal 🇬🇧

You can still purchase the album here!