We are happy to announce that we’re going to participate at Dragon’s Cry Festival that will take place in Wien, Austria!
We’re going to join co-headliners Dragony & Roadwolf alongside with Alia Tempora from Czechia and local heroes Mythguard and Extreme Mind for an evening of excellent metal on 20th April 2024!
All infos:
Facebook event here
Tickets on sale now here


Today is a very special day for us. It marks five years since that Black Monday of 2018, where 103 people lost their lives during the summer wildfires in Mati, Attica, Greece. Therefore, we decided to pay our tribute to those people and we dedicated this song in loving memory of them. This is our fourth single and third video taken from the new album “Nuances of Life” released in May through Scarlet Records. You can watch it below.

You can also watch the cover art of the single, made by Nikos Siglidis, below.

You order it through our official store.

“It is by far the most personal track I ever wrote as a lyricist. Five years ago, on July 23rd of 2018 during the summer wildfires in Mati, Attica, Greece 103 people lost their lives and this track is dedicated in loving memory of them. This was one of the biggest disasters that I ever experienced in my life so far and it really affected me as a person and as a human being. You never know what’s going to happen the very next moment, so to me you have to live it like it’s going to be the very last one. I am really thankful that in this track Nikos Sarbanis and Michalis Rinakakis delivered such beautiful melodies that helped embrace my vision about it. It is a way that we mourn together with those families and pay the ultimate tribute to the lost ones. It’s also the track that Bob Katsionis (Stray Gods, ex-Firewind) is taking part in by performing his characteristic performance on keyboards, for which I can’t be thankful enough, since it has given a special tone in the whole track. Of course, one major element is the singing of Michalis in this track, who really got himself into the whole atmosphere and gave a proper feeling of the mourn the song describes. Another fact is that when time came to record my solo part, I was really touched by the passing of a person that had died a few weeks earlier and had a huge impact in my life. Performing my solo part in this song was meant to be another small tribute to a guitar player and a band that I really miss. This man was Miika Tenkula (RIP 1974-2009) and his band was Sentenced”, Nikos Siglidis comments.

“This song was one of the most emotional songs that I had to compose the music for. Nikos Siglidis was very concerned about this tragic fire accident and he decided to make a dedicated song. Later, he told me to write some music for these lyrics, and immediately took the guitar and started composing. By the way, this was a very emotional moment for me as well, as I was about to lose my hometown’s house because of a devastating fire accident in 2015. Even Though I was very furious about these accidents (which were human-made accidents in order to make profit from new buildings, wind turbines etc), I had to write tones for a ballad. About the solo, I wrote a Pink Floyd style crunchy – mellow solo. It is a huge inspiration for me and I wanted not to try to make something impressive, in terms of technique, but something more melodic and atmospheric”, adds Nikos Sarbanis.

At this very moment we would like to take a minute and thank Nikos Palaiologos of SOOC Photo Agency for the letting us use images from that day in our tribute, lyric video. We can’t thank you enough! Also, Stefano Mastronicola for working together with us a second time and doing a tremendous job with the video. Kudos to you, our friend!

Those wildfires devasted Greece and every year since then, wildfires happens again every year. We are living in a never-ending circle that cannot break. Even now, the state of Attica where 4 out of 5 members of the band live, is burning again. Thousands of acres of forests and wildlife turning to ashes, giving no sign of hope for the future. Our only hope is that there will be no more loss of human life to be mourned, no more wildlife to be lost, no more burning soil.

With honor,
The Silent Rage

Today marks one month since the release of “Nuances Of Life”. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing our merch and all the media that reviewed our album. Below you can find all the ratings the album has received (in alphabetical order).

All Around Metal 🇮🇹 3,5/5
Ave Noctum 🇬🇧 8/10
Belugas Metaleras 🇪🇸 9/10
Bleeding4metal.de 🇩🇪 8,5/10
Depart 🇬🇷 8,5/10
Hellfire Magazin 🇩🇪 9,5/10
Metal Division 🇩🇪 8/10
Metal Express Radio 🇳🇴 9/10
Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal 🇬🇷 8/10
Metal Melodic Sound 🇵🇱 8/10
Metal Underground 🇦🇹 4,5/5
Metal View 🇬🇷 8,5/10
Metal.de 🇩🇪 6/10
Metal.it 🇮🇹 6/10
Metalhead.it 🇮🇹 8/10

Metalitalia.com 🇮🇹 5,5/10
Metalmania-Magazín 🇸🇰 5/6
Metalradio 🇬🇷 8,5/10
Musica 🇧🇪 80/100
Musipedia Of Metal 🇬🇧 9/10
Obliveon 🇩🇪 8/10
Powermetal.de 🇩🇪 8,5/10
Powerplay Magazine 🇬🇧 10/10
Rock Entre Amigos 🇪🇸 9,5/10
Rock Garage 🇩🇪 8/10
Rock Hard 🇬🇷 8/10
Rock Overdose 🇬🇷 72/100
The Dark Melody 🇺🇾 8,1/10
?ware?etalen.com 🇳🇱 80/100

Also, extra cudos to the following media for their reviews without rating (in alphabetical order):

Brutally Delicious Podcast 🇺🇸 / De Muziekplank 🇧🇪 / Iridium heavy rock and metal music reviews 🇬🇧 / Keysmash 🇬🇷 / Last Rites 🇺🇸 / Metal Addicts 🇧🇦 / Metal Invader 🇬🇷 / Metallus.it 🇮🇹 / Noizy 🇬🇷 / Rockpages.gr 🇬🇷 / Rockway.gr 🇬🇷 / Soundcheck Network 🇬🇷 / Wonderbox Metal 🇬🇧

You can still purchase the album here!


We are more than happy to announce that today is the release date for “Nuances Of Life”. After so many up and downs, we feel so grateful that is finally out.

We would like to thank you all for the support, our label Scarlet Records for the smooth and perfect co-operation, our endorsee companies: Pyramid Strings, Minotaur Straps, Pavlakis Custom Guitars, Pick-Me Custom Guitar Picks, Needleworks Rock Merchandise, Tribe Guitars, Skull Strings, Loxx Guitars Locks & B-Stick Drums Sticks.

A huge shout out to all who made this album come true: Fotis Benardo, Aggelos & Aris Karatzas, Giorgos Nerantzis, Giannis Nakos, Stu Block, Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin, Bob Katsionis, Steve Venardo & Vangelis Rigas.

“Nuances Of Life” can be purchased through our official store here.

Onwards Legionnaires!


Thank you all for attending last night’s show at Fuzz Club, in Athens. We are really grateful for the warm welcome as an opening act to the mighty Kamelot. Thank you guys (and girl!)

We would also like to thank Dimitris Papanastasiou from Music Box Productions for giving us the chance to play this show with one of our favorite bands and for the awesome co-operation, Helen Alexopoulos for the hospitality, the Fuzz Club crew and furthermore our crew: Giannis Stefanoudakis for always being there for the band, Dennis Sampson for being an awesome drum tech, Epameinondas Oikonomou and Jason Athanasiadis for being the sound-ninja-crew!

An ultra big applause to Dimitris Peppas from Warhammer for the awesome job as a stand-in to Nikos Sarbanis, who serves his military obligations.

See you all soon!

Click By Vicky Athanasopoulou

We would like also to give a big shout out to the media that shared our latest news:

For the “Exhaling Fear” single:

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Tandtkari Metal Newsblog ?? [jp]
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For the “Another Fallen Dreamland” single:

213Rock ?? (fr)
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Todoheavymetal.com ?? (es)

The Silent Rage has released a lyric-video for ‘Another Fallen Dreamland’ featuring Stu Block (Into Eternity & ex Iced Earth), third single and second video taken from the new album ‘Nuances of Life’ to be released on May 26th through Scarlet Records. You can watch it below.

You can also watch the cover art of the single, made by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design, below.

You can pre-save the album here and pre-order it through our official store.

“The funny story behind “Another Fallen Dreamland” is that during the pre-production I had made up my mind to set up this song as a bonus track. And that was because it was a song that I originally composed back in the early days of the band but it never managed to be released. Therefore, I always thought that the only way for it to be released was as a bonus track. But before we even started recording it, the rest of the guys in the band really seemed to love it and they convinced me somehow to include it on the main tracklist, haha! As a track to me, it was a straight power metal crusher of the golden era of the genre, getting my mind into acts like Edguy, Stratovarius, Brainstorm etc. ”

“What I really wanted, was to boost this song even more with the addition of a guest vocalist, like the way we did on our first album, “The Deadliest Scourge”with the song “Sin Of A Pilgrim” with Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Firewind) featured there. We asked a few singers to see if they were interested and we managed to make the call and finalise the participation of Stu Block (Into Eternity, ex-Iced Earth), a singer whom I really love and enjoy listening to. I definitely believe that the duet here made a massive hit performance, making it a massive head banging tune! But what I also over-enjoy in this track are Stamatis Katsafados pounding drumming and the solos on it”, comments Nikos Siglidis. 

“My idea here was to have Stu Block and me, be the inner voices of the realisation of truth in someone’s head, anyone that has been brainwashed or manipulated by people in power, by organisations, by standards of society, by people of influence making that person chase after dreams that are not their own, constantly trying to reach a status or an image or something that is only an unattainable construct, instead of simply following their own thoughts and dreams in life”, Michalis Rinakakis adds.


After the great success that our single/video clip “The Serpent Lord” had (you can check it out here), we are more delighted to share with you all our newest audio single for “Exhaling Fear”. You can listen to it here.

Cover Art By Giannis Nakos/Remedy Art Design

“This is one of the two songs that I haven’t participated in at all, nor by composing a part in the music or even writing any of the lyrics. It’s a total effort by Michalis Rinakakis and Nikos Sarbanis. But all I can say is, it’s a pure metal anthem and that’s why we picked it as a second single for this album. I must admit that it reveals the songwriting skills of Nikos, which brings to the music of The Silent Rage, a new aspect for the future albums. He’s more into the American metal scene and it makes sense I must say. To me the song both in music as well as in the vocal lines reminds me of the best moments of Nevermore and Sanctuary, especially with the first ones that I really miss being around delivering brilliant albums. I am pretty sure that it will be one of the songs that will definitely be picked up by many fans and listeners as their favorite moment in the album. At least it’s one of mine!” says Nikos Siglidis.

“I am not into writing lyrics at all, but I try to imagine some song titles in order to help the person who will write the lyrics. After I made this title, Michalis made some awesome lyrics. Because of the instability and insecurity in the society we live, you can see this way of “Exhaling Fear” in the faces of people. There is a way of concern and fear for the next day, and somehow I tried to express it in a song title and in melodies as well. This way of expression happened effortlessly as I had the concept in my mind. Furthermore, the most important part is that the result of this song, along with Michalis Rinakakis’ lyrics, suited perfectly with the artistic style of the band”, Nikos Sarbanis comments.

“As soon as I heard Nikos Sarbanis’ music and saw the title, I knew what the lyrics had to be about! Even though we never really discussed the meaning of the title with Nikos Sarbanis, we ended up thinking about the same thing. The uncertainties, the insecurities, the instabilities that can drive people mad, angry, their personal terrors burning inside, leading them to doing or saying things they’ll probably regret, while all they are actually doing is simply “Exhaling Fear””, Michalis Rinakakis comments.

Along with the announcement for the new single, we are more than excited to announce that we are going to be the opening act band for the upcoming Kamelot show in Athens, Greece on Sunday 7th of May, 2023. See you all at Fuzz Club. You can also check the official event here for further details.


We are more than happy to announce that “The Serpent Lord” video clip has reached 7.5000 views on YouTube in just three days! We can’t thank you enough for your support! You can see the clip below. Feel free to pre-save the album here and pre-order it directly from our official store!

We would like to express our gratitude to the following media for sharing the news concerning our first video clip ever/newest single. Give a big applause to (in alphabetical order):

Abaddon ?? (eng)
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WJCU MetalOnMetal RadioShow ?? (eng)

Another single is coming really soon! Onwards!


Our brand new video clip/single for the track “The Serpent Lord”, taken from the new album “Nuances Of Life”, which will be released on May 26th through Scarlet Records, is out now! You can watch it below.

Directed by Bob Katsionis of Progressive Vision Group

You can pre-save the album here and pre-order it through our official store.

“The Serpent Lord” is the opening track of the new album, “Nuances Of Life”, and one of the very first being composed for the album, if I remember correctly” guitarist/founder Nikos Siglidis recalls. “Musically inspired by bands like Iced Earth, Judas Priest and Amon Amarth, it combines all the elements that are characteristic to each band. The main riffing is a straight Iced Earth influence from the “Something Wicked This Way Comes” era of the band, the chorus is a straight influence of Amon Amarth mostly influenced from the “Twilight Of The Thunder God” era while the bridges are more into Judas Priest classic elements. The vocal lines on the other hand, are a mixture between Iced Earth and Judas Priest as they are some of Michalis Rinakakis’ earliest vocal influences. Lyrically wise, the whole inspiration comes from the Egyptian Mythology, but as a part of a fiction character. Me and Michalis Rinakakis worked on the lyrics”, Nikos Siglidis comments. “The solo part was an approach to the Egyptian concept combined with small tastes of bluesy licks. This solo was the first one that I recorded and composed for the band, and I tried to match it to the rest of the track as much as I could”, adds Nikos Sarbanis. “Even though the main premise of this song was based on Egyptian Mythology, the lyrics ended up having numerous meanings! The eternal battle between good and evil, the ongoing search for deliverance, the never-ending seeking of meaning and hope, the yearning for balance – the list goes on and on… I am often writing lyrics with a few layers in them so that each listener can have their own ideas of what the actual meaning can be to them”, adds Michalis Rinakakis. “This is also the first song that introduces The Legionnaires Choir Ensemble, which is basically a gathering of people singing chorus gang vocals, an idea that came from Michalis Rinakakis. A brand new element for us and it is here to stay!”, adds Nikos Siglidis.

Cover art by Giannis Nakos/Remedy Art Design

Produced by Fotis Benardo (Nightfall, Septicflesh, Melechesh) at Devasoundz Studios (Athens) and mastered by George Nerantzis (Pain Of Salvation, Abbath, Nightrage), “Nuances Of Life” will be released in the following formats:

-vinyl (limited edition)
-digipak CD

Below you can read the press release by the label:

“The Silent Rage is finally returning to deliver their flawless, hefty, fist-pumping melodic power metal.

“Nuances Of Life” combines the characteristic sound of classic metal, filled with blazing riffs and impressive melodies, combined with catchy and blistering vocal lines – courtesy of extraordinary new frontman Michalis Rinakakis.

Lyrically wise, “Nuances Of Life” deals with spreading out the deepest, well-hidden human emotions: tales about mighty heroes and distant lands as well as everyday issues that leave a deep scar in our hearts.

Get ready to a non-stop exciting headbanging experience!”

“Nuances Of Life” tracklist:
1 The Serpent Lord
2 Code of Destruction
3 Carve Your Rage
4 Crows Fly Back
5 Another Fallen Dreamland (feat. Stu Block/Into Eternity & ex Iced Earth)
6 Scarlet Dawn (feat. Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin/Jag Panzer & The Three Tremors)
7 The Man In The Mirror
8 Exhaling Fear
9 Ghost Of A Wayward God
10 Black Monday (feat. Bob Katsionis/Stray Gods & ex Firewind)
11 Nuances Of Life
12 Defy The Headhunters (CD bonus track)


We are more than proud to share with you the teaser from our first single/video clip for the new song, “The Serpent Lord”which will be released on Wednesday 5th April 2023. 

Mark Your Calendars & Stay Tuned! The Cult Of The Serpent Lord Rises!