Ghostlands & Ravenlands Festival


The first edition of Ghostlands & Ravenlands Festival has officially turned to history. We would like to thank all the attendants of the festival, the participanting bands (?rimal R??ts, Dakesis, Kosmogonia & Solid Faith), our proud supporters (PickMe Custom Guitar Picks, Nathan’s Saloon, Tetragrammaton PR agency, Made In Hell – Rehearsal & Recording Studio, 2112 Athens Food Store and and last but not least, Kyttaro Live Club for the great hospitality.

Some great news will follow really soon. So stay tuned!

You can also read some live reports from our show in the following links: [eng] [gre]
Keysmash [gre] [gre]
Rock Hard [gre] [gre]

Best regards,
The Silent Rage

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